Definitions for "Foreman"
Keywords:  supervisor, crew, worker, trackage, frm
Supervisor of a group of workers whose duties will vary based upon the region of the country and the union affiliation.
A field supervisor in charge of a group of workers.
Supervisor, responsible for a group of workers.
The first or chief man
The chief man of a jury, who acts as their speaker.
The chief of a set of hands employed in a shop, or on works of any kind, who superintends the rest; an overseer.
Keywords:  workforce, charge, person
Person in charge of a workforce
a person who, under the chit agreement, is responsible for the conduct of the chit
or Fore An officer of a morris team. Usually not elected. Usually responsible for interpreting the dance style, teaching the dancing, and running and planning dance practices. Some multi-tradition teams have different fores for different traditions.