Definitions for "Disclosure"
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The act of disclosing, uncovering, or revealing; bringing to light; exposure.
That which is disclosed or revealed.
telling someone something private
A description or revelation of an invention made by the inventor. It also applies to acts of divulgation, including those made by third parties, that may destroy the novelty of an invention.
An inventor's full description of his invention given to the Canadian government for public use in exchange for exclusive rights to the invention.
description of an invention in an application or patent; consists of a specification (written description), drawings, and claims.
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Disclosure refers to a credit report given to the consumer which shows whatâ€(tm)s in their credit records as outlined by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).
A credit report provided to the consumer which shows the "nature or substance" of what is in his or her credit records as outlined by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).
A description of regulations outlining the details of the type of account or service the customer holds
a situation where a specific allegation of abuse is made against a named individual.
an allegation or report of improper conduct
Disclosure is a novel by Michael Crichton, released in 1994. The novel is set in a fictional high tech company, just before the beginning of the dot-com economic boom. The plot concerns protagonist Tom Sanders, and his battle against unfounded allegations of sexual harassment.
Under the law any evidence that the CPS is going to use to prosecute you must be made available to the defence prior to the trial so that they can prepare. The police collect evidence on behalf of the CPS, but that evidence becomes the property of the Crown when you're to be prosecuted. As a taxpayer you're entitled to a copy of the evidence (traffic video), so we explain how you can request a copy even if you've already been convicted. All evidence is supposed to be kept for seven years after conviction, but that's probably also down to individual Constabularies' procedures when it comes to Summary Offences. Don't worry, we can tell just from the officer's statement if the time and distance device was being used. Do you remember more than one speed being quoted during a "follow check", or the words "by using my patrol car speedometer" appearing in the officer's statement
The act of disclosing (making known) the Crownâ€(tm)s case to defence by providing particulars or circumstances of the case.
The opportunity given to all lenders to show that they do not really know how to explain what the borrower is about to do.
To make something known that was previously unknown.
Something that is made known and that was previously unknown.
the speech act of making something evident
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A legal document provided to a buyer stating the known defects of a property.
The legal obligation a homeowner has to inform prospective buyers of any and all defects in the home or on the property, such as environmental problems or code violations.
The act of communicating or making known thoughts, desires, plans, or actions that would otherwise remain hidden. Disclosure is an important aspect of the relationship between the chaplain and the RP.
Certain contributions and expenditures to influence federal elections must be reported to a federal authority, usually the Federal Election Commission. The authority then makes these reports available to the public. The FEC, for example, posts the disclosure reports it receives online and makes them available at its office for public inspection.
in the context of campaign financing, disclosure means making information about campaign contributions and expenditures known to the public.
The requirement that candidates, political parties, and political action committees (PACs) report the amounts and sources of their campaign contributions. Federal candidates must list each contributor's name, address, employer, and occupation. As of 1994, 23 states did not require disclosure of employer and occupation.
disclosure - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Typically refers to the various disclosure obligations imposed by ERISA on employee welfare benefit plans, including provisions of Summary Plan Descriptions and Summaries of Material Modification.
These are the terms or conditions for refunds, cancellations, or modifications made to reservations.
Plan sponsors must provide access to certain types of information for participants, including summary plan descriptions, summary of material modifications, and summary annual reports.
The ethical and legal requirement to disclose to any purchaser, any treatment or process which a diamond has undergone, rendering it anything but completely natural.
The now statutory requirements in regard the conveyance of residential land.
Legal requirement placed on investment firms to show what the total cost of a product or policy is at the outset and how much commission has been paid to an adviser.
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a situation where the light dawns, the penny drops, the ice breaks, the situation takes on depth
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Encompassing all the parameters of a mortgage loan, this document includes, but is not limited to, the terms, conditions, and interest rate caps.
A document describing all the parameters of a mortgage loan, such as the terms, conditions, interest rate caps, A.P.R., etc.
Document which describes all conditions of mortgage loan including terms and interest rates.
Developers must provide to the purchaser- the purchase agreement- bylaws or proposed bylaws- management agreement or proposed- recreational agreement o proposed- lease of parcel if leased- mortgages affecting the title- condominium plan or proposed The developer has ten days to deliver these documents.
This describes the process by which each party identifies the documents they intend to rely on and make copies available to the other parties.
a formal step in litigation where a party states that a document exists or has existed
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You must not lie when applying for car insurance or you risk invalidating your policy
A notification of the actual cost and terms of a loan, including the interest rate, principal balance, monthly payment, etc.
Verbal and/or written communication regarding agency, property condition, etc.
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See full disclosure principle. To Top
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To make known or public. When dealing with real property, all disclosures should be made in writing.
Action by an individual with a disability to identify their disability to another individual or individuals.
A document that discloses to the client either all or one of the following: terms, costs, adjustment period, and/or other characteristics of the mortgage.