Definitions for "Designated Agency"
Also known as Split Agency, Appointed Agency. Agency relationship where the Broker appoints one agent in the office to represent the seller and another agent in the same office to represent the Buyer. Caution: This is a relatively new concept and has not been tested in the Courts yet. Prior relationships or conversatins between the 2 agents appointed could possibly create a conflict of interest. Example: Agent A (representing the buyer) tells Agent B (not involved at this point) that he has a Client that has financially qualified for up to $150,000. Later, the Buyer decides to make a $125,000 offer on a property listed by the same agency. The Broker appoints Agent B to represent the Seller. Since Agent B already knows the Buyer can qualify for $150,000 must he tell the Seller? Remember, he is obligated to reveal any information that he knows that would help the Seller.
Illinois law now operates under the Designated Agency rules as of January, 2000. A single agent within a company can be "designated" as the sole agent of the seller or buyer. Contracts are signed by either Buyer or Seller acknowledging that the individual agent is their sole representative. All agents do not represent the seller as was true historically. The Broker of the company assume a managerial role and is required to supervise that agent and to keep confidential any information important to the seller or buyer.
This arrangement with a real estate brokerage company will result in one or more sales associates being designated as your legal agent. You can enter into this arrangement either as a seller or buyer. Other sales associates in the firm may be the legal agents of other buyers and sellers and may be the legal agent of the party who buys your property or from whom you buy property. The only individuals owing you fiduciary duties are those designated as your legal agent and not the real estate brokerage company itself or all other sales associates with that company. A real estate brokerage company will generally offer this service to provide representation for both buyers and sellers.
The non-governmental organisation established to co-ordinate the enforcement of the Financial Services Act; the Financial Services Authority.