Definitions for "BUYERS AGENT"
A Buyer's Agent represents only the Buyer and their interests. The buyer's agent is paid by the listing broker or builder. If you contact an owner or an on-site builder representative without identifying that you are represented by your agent, then you may be obligated to pay brokerage fee. To eliminate any confusion it is always best to work through your agent.
a broker who represents only the buyer and owes certain fiduciary, disclosure and confidentiality obligations to the buyer
a Dallas Realtor who represents and protects your interests
a specialist whose knowledge of the market in which you are searching for a home can have tremendous value to you during your home search
a knowledgeable person on your side, that doesn't cost you a penny
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a little different in that the buyer seeks me out to find the best price and quality for the product they want to purchase
a professional and works solely in your best interest