Definitions for "purchaser"
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The buyer of health care coverage and/or services - typically employers, the government, or individuals.
A corporation, company, or other consortium that purchases health care benefits for a group of individuals.
A term used in the reformed NHS to refer to health authorities and fundholding general practices which are allocated budgets from which to purchase services on behalf of patients.
One who purchases; one who acquires property for a consideration, generally of money; a buyer; a vendee.
The winning bidder/buyer at the end of the duration of the auction.
This is another name for the Buyer of a property.
Purchasers of iShell receive a permanent license for the current version of iShell. Unlike a Subscription, a Purchase does not expire; however, purchasers will need to pay a fee to upgrade to future versions of iShell. Purchasers do not have access to the TribalForum and TribalExchange FTP. Click here to see a breakdown of Purchase vs. Subscription.
A benefit plan sponsor, often an employer or a union, that contracts with the benefit organization to provide benefits to a group.
an organization that recieves a product from another organization , where this receipt is constrained by a contract
Program sponsor, often employer or union, that contracts with the dental benefit organization to provide dental benefits to an enrolled population.
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One who acquires an estate in lands by his own act or agreement, or who takes or obtains an estate by any means other than by descent or inheritance.
is defined in the Law of Property Act 1925 as a person who, acting in good faith, acquires an interest in, or charge on, property for money or money's worth (Law of Property Act 1925 s 205 (1)(xxi) as it applies to Part I of that Act).
One who buys something.
anyone who buys health care services in any form
A budget-holder who contracts to buy a service from a provider. Reception/Intake Workers, who have been specially trained to deal with all phone calls and personal visitors. They can give you accurate advice on a range of issues, and will suggest an appropriate organisation to contact if Social Services are unable to assist you.
The person abroad who has entered into a transaction to purchase an item for delivery to the ultimate consignee. In most cases, the purchaser is not a bank, forwarding agent, or intermediary. The purchaser and ultimate consignee may be the same entity.
The Purchaser is the person whose Account Application is accepted and who purchases a Tuition Certificate by making Tuition prepayments to the Plan, or, in the event of the Purchaser's death, the Contingent Owner, or in certain cases, the estate of the Purchaser.
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Individual or entity who becomes owner of the policy in return for cash payment to the seller.
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The customer.[ A - H | I - P | Q - Z
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A company that has purchased the Trading Hours Data.
The person legally responsible for payment of the production.