Definitions for "Marketer"
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One who attends a market to buy or sell; one who carries goods to market.
An entity engaged in bringing together sellers and buyers, usually on a spot-market basis, assisting in negotiations and arranging transportation and delivery terms.
Any entity, other than the LDC, that sells natural gas to customers. Also known as a supplier or broker.
A person whose job is to help sell products and services. A credit union marketer, for example, must make sure members know what types of savings and checking accounts checking accounts , loans, and other services are available and why they're a good deal.
someone who promotes or exchanges goods or services for money
In the context of this site, a service that advertises products and services on behalf of others. Clueful Marketers perform due diligence in qualifying address lists that are provided by their customers, making sure that the recipients actually want the email. Clueless Marketers allow spamming, due to a lack of awareness, incompetence, or being co-opted by a body-snatching space alien — a member of the advance guard of an invading fleet of spacecraft from the planet Zghsffbflb-12.
a strategist, a scientist, planner, a creator and a bit of a dreamer
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Multi-Vendor Translation System (MV-90): The system used to interrogate TOU meters via telephone lines or hand held devices.
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See ABM above.
a sample of ONE" This means, stop listening to yourself and start listening to your consumers, because one persons perception will never be enough sway the consumer
Partners who place their promotions in the GetRelevant network to be distributed on relevant Web sites with the goal of acquiring new customers cost effectively.
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a concise communicator who can tap emotion and tell a compelling story through a variety of media
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an experimenter
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See Distributor.
see “Alternative Electric Supplier
A person or company that engages in marketing activities.