Definitions for "Dreamer"
Not to be confused with a pleasant, escapist chimera or romance, a (waking) dream is an engaged vision of a better reality; as such, it only seems impracticable or impossible to uptightniks and punctiliocrats. As Henry Miller puts it: "The dreamer whose dreams are non-utilitarian has no place in this world... In this world the poet is anathema, the thinker a fool, the artist an escapist, the man of vision a criminal." See: DAYDREAMER.
a person who escapes into a world of fantasy
"Dreamer" is the third track from Ozzy Osbourne's album Down to Earth, which was released on 16 October 2001. The song describes the rockstar's vision of a better world for his children, where they are happy and safe.
Dreamer is a 2005 film starring Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning, inspired by the true story of an injured racehorse. It marked the directing and screenwriting debut of John Gatins.
Dreamer is a direct-to-video film that was released on video on April 27 1979. It was directed by Noel Nosseck, written by Larry Bischof and James Proctor, and stars Tim Matheson as "the Dreamer" and Susan Blakely as Karen. Dreamer was released by Magnetic Video.
A visionary; one lost in wild imaginations or vain schemes of some anticipated good; as, a political dreamer.
a fiction of a real imagination
A Dreamer is an expert at shifting levels of consciousness or positions of the assemblage point. A Dreamer can shift her state of consciousness to perceive any reality by the use of her attention.
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a warrior of their own fears
someone who is dreaming
someone guided more by ideals than by practical considerations
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One who dreams.