Definitions for "Warrior "
A man engaged or experienced in war, or in the military life; a soldier; a champion.
A person who fights in battle.
One engaged or experienced in battle.
a living example of passion
a living shrine of the divine, one who serves that grand purpose
a living shrine of the divine who must serve that grand purpose
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a brave man if he can be alert
a brave person
a creature of irony, so his genuine task is to install peace
an individual unit - his own 'general', taking full responsibility for his actions
Warrior was a British anthology comic book that ran for 26 issues between March 1982 and January 1985. It was edited by Dez Skinn and published by his company Quality Communications, and was notable for publishing early work by noted comics writer Alan Moore, including V for Vendetta and Marvelman.
an antitoxin, a protector
a protector of ideals, principle, and honor
a great tank but soso DPS
a tank, first in foremost
SwordStrike Mega tanks page. Nice info on armour quests.
Warrior is a film currently under production, directed by Gavin O'Connor about the story of the warrior queen Boudicca (also known as Boadicea).
Warrior is a pure Java Web browser that can render HTML with support for Javascript and CSS. Warrior also renders XAMJ, an XML language designed to address many of the shortcomings of HTML and an open alternative to Microsoft's XAML. XAMJ documents are generally served over HTTP but can also be used in standalone applications, as Warrior itself is written in XAMJ.
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a character that uses their brawn more often than brains
a hack-and-slash character, who solves most of his problems by cutting them to pieces, but will occasionally fall back on the help of a magical device
"Warrior" was the Twelveth episode of the children's series TUGS. The title referred to the focus character of the episode.
a savage is a predator is a killer is an animal, so the (subliminal) thinking goes
One of the seven essence roles. Its positive pole is persuasion; its negative pole is coercion. Warriors seek challenge.
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a problem solver
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a hilarious non american flick
Acquisition and presentation software selected by Sondex, released as MIDAS.
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a hero, father
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a tale of Norse gods visiting a run-down near-future council estate
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a hunter of power
a good choice, but ultimately it may simply be the person in the group who is good at it that is the best choice
a person who does things quickly
a person without ego, a person without fear, a person who is one with all of creation- and who acts accordingly to redeem the world about him
a man of few words, refraining from speaking without reason
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a man who takes it to the end and doesn't quit
a person who does not quit
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One who takes part in Warrior Training Camp or self-defense street combat.