Definitions for "Vendetta"
Keywords:  feud, murder, vengeance, bitter, enmity
A blood feud; private revenge for the murder of a kinsman.
Any feud or contention that is bitter and prolonged; however, the deep enmity may be held by only one party to the dispute; as, the former Mayor nurtured a lifelong vendetta against the candidate who defeated him.
prolonged bitter hostility.
Vendetta is Zemfira's fourth studio album.
Vendetta is the fourth album by Californian hardcore band Throwdown. Contains the single 'Burn'. This album is more metalcore than their previous efforts of the traditional Hardcore aspects.
Keywords:  renegade, konami, gangs, arcade, dragon
Vendetta is an arcade game released in 1991 by Konami. The game is a four-player scrolling beat 'em up with a big screen. As with the originators of the genre (Double Dragon and Renegade), it involves street gangs.
Keywords:  dnsbl, zonefiles, jit, command, build
command-line program to build jit zonefiles for DNSBL use
Keywords:  ferrer, mel, film, directed
Vendetta is a 1950 film directed by Mel Ferrer.
Under the code duello and the rights of challenge, a method to gain immunity from Imperial Law during a dispute.
Keywords:  utter, crowd, melt, escape, try
an eye for an eye or a close approximation of the same followed by utter and complete escape, you do it and you try to melt away in the crowd
Keywords:  episode, twenty, second
Vendetta is the twenty-second episode from .
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a fine setting point