Definitions for "Protector "
Protector is an add-in for Sendmail and other Unix mail servers that strips attachments types that could contain viruses or other "active content" from incoming email. It works on the pessimistic but safe paradigm of only allowing specified attachment types through; all others are blocked.
GPL virus-blocking E-mail filter. Does not require commercial virus scanners, and is maintenance-free . Anti-virus solution for unix mail servers - including linux and solaris with sendmail and postfix .
The Protector is a character who replaces Robin temporarily in the 1983 The New Teen Titans Drug issues written by Marv Wolfman and penciled by George Pérez. The book was sponsored by Keebler, and Robin was at the time licensed by Nabisco so the Protector was used as a substitute. Coinciding with the issue was an anti-drug cartoon tv advert that may have been a test for a Titans tv show.
One who, or that which, defends or shields from injury, evil, oppression, etc.; a defender; a guardian; a patron.
a more military form of what Guardian would be
Boxey was "protector" (or male guardian) at Serina's sealing. (LPOTG)
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A person appointed by the settlor/grantor of a trust, who has limited powers to control the trustee and usually has the right to change trustees.
a person appointed by a Settlor to whom the Trustee can look for advice in relation to distribution and administration of the Trust Fund
a person appointed under the Trust Deed whom the Trustees can consult when administering the Trust, and in particular cases from whom the Trustees must seek consent before carrying out certain transactions
The Protector is "a watchdog" overseeing the proper fulfillment by the Foundation Council of all instructions of the Founder.
Protector is a 1973 science fiction novel by Larry Niven, set in his Known Space universe. It was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1974.
The Protector is the head of the fictional nation of the Taurian Concordat, in the Battle Tech universe. He/She is traditionally a Calderón, although from 3062 onward it is not a Calderon in the TC proper. The post is similar to that of a King, although there is a Supreme Court that can overrule his decisions.
The Protector is an Israeli crewless surface watercraft, developed in 2001. It is equipped with a stabilized gun, electro-optic and radar sensors, and water jet propulsion. The ship is 31 feet in length, and weighs four tons.
Protector was a videogame developed by Tom Malinowski with artwork by Q-bert's Jeff Lee for the arcade game company Gottlieb. It was also known by numerous other names during its development and test including Argus and Videoman.
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a. of England, Scotland or Wales, a high noble b. of the throne, wielder of a sword for same
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an Ultra Slim Flip
A cardinal, from one of the more considerable Roman Catholic nations, who looks after the interests of his people at Rome; also, a cardinal who has the same relation to a college, religious order, etc.
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One having the care of the kingdom during the king's minority; a regent.
a person who cares for persons or property
A protective end reinforcement for steel sheet piling.
plastic, steel or composite cap to protect threads from handling damage
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A clear cover that is applied over the spine label and bar code label for protection.
Protector, sometimes spelled protecter, is used as a title or part of various historical titles of heads of state and others in authority. The word literally means one who protects.
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a guide that is there for your protection