Definitions for "Trustor"
The individual who establishes the trust. Also referred to as the GRANTOR and/or SETTLOR.
Individual who sets up a trust. also called grantor.
The creator, settlor, or grantor of a trust.
the borrower (or property owner) at the time the deed of trust was created. Trustor is often used to refer to the current owner.
In a deed of trust, the borrower is referred to as the trustor.
In estate planning, the individual who submits their written observations regarding the terms of the trust and the process of transferring property to the trustee.
The purchasor of a property that is financed in whole or in part through a promissory note issued to a beneficiary, lending institution or seller.
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Undivided Interest
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Maker of a trust.
one who creates a trust.
The person who creates a trust.
The person who creates the trust, who owns the property that will be put in the trust.
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The borrower in a trust loan transaction