Definitions for "lien"
A legal claim against an asset which is used to secure a loan and which must...
A charge, lien, etc., that successively attaches to such assets as a person may have from time to time, leaving him more or less free to dispose of or encumber them as if no such charge or lien existed.
A legal claim; a charge upon real or personal property for the satisfaction of some debt or duty; a right in one to control or hold and retain the property of another until some claim of the former is paid or satisfied.
Latin = spleen, adjective - lienal.
lien, splen, spleen). Pertaining to the spleen.
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p. p. of Lie. See lain.
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Listing Loan application fee
Loan Comittment Loan-to-Value Ratio
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mortgage mortgage banker
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Lien record was found for the vehicle.