Definitions for "judgment lien"
Keywords:  decree, debtor, docket, lien, seize
A lien on the property of a debtor resulting from a courts judgment.
a purely statutory general lien (the legal right to keep or sell someone else's property as a security for a debt) on real and personal property belonging to a debtor. definition of judgment lien defined definition of a lien defined definition of having a lien against a property
The charge upon the property of a debtor resulting from the decree of a court entered in the judgment docket. Once a certified abstract of the court judgment is recorded, it becomes a lien upon all of the judgment debtor's real and personal property within the jurisdiction. The lien may be suspended by posting a bond until the time for final appeal has expired or an appeal has been turned down by the appellate court. This abstract is recorded in a judgment docket kept by the county clerk or other public official which is arranged alphabetically according to the names of judgment debtors. The abstract places a cloud on the title of all real property owned by the judgment debtor for the statutory time of the judgment lien or until the lien is satisfied. When a judgment is a lien on all the property of the judgment debtor, it is called a judgment in personam as contrasted to a judgment in rem, which applies only to a specific property. 'Me statutory time period is set by state law, in most states ten years.
a mortgage, and the lienor has all the rights of a mortgagee
a cloud on title that is not cleared until a satisfaction of judgment is recorded