Definitions for "War"
A by-product of the arts of peace. The most menacing political condition is a period of international amity. The student of history who has not been taught to expect the unexpected may justly boast himself inaccessible to the light. "In time of peace prepare for war" has a deeper meaning than is commonly discerned; it means, not merely that all things earthly have an end -- that change is the one immutable and eternal law -- but that the soil of peace is thickly sown with the seeds of war and singularly suited to their germination and growth. It was when Kubla Khan had decreed his "stately pleasure dome" -- when, that is to say, there were peace and fat feasting in Xanadu -- that he heard from afar Ancestral voices prophesying war. One of the greatest of poets, Coleridge was one of the wisest of men, and it was not for nothing that he read us this parable. Let us have a little less of "hands across the sea," and a little more of that elemental distrust that is the security of nations. War loves to come like a thief in the night; professions of eternal amity provide the night.
A contest between nations or states, carried on by force, whether for defence, for revenging insults and redressing wrongs, for the extension of commerce, for the acquisition of territory, for obtaining and establishing the superiority and dominion of one over the other, or for any other purpose; armed conflict of sovereign powers; declared and open hostilities.
A condition of belligerency to be maintained by physical force. In this sense, levying war against the sovereign authority is treason.
an excuse or rationale for Congress to ignore or remove limits on spending and use of other resources until victory can be declared
War is the third studio album by Irish rock band U2, released in 1983. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, it was the band's first overtly political album.
War is a live album by Bolt Thrower recorded in Manchester 1992, on an 8-track tape. It was originally recorded by the band members in order to have some of their own live recordings for posterity. Later on Earache Records wanted to release a special edition of the ...For Victory album, thus it was packed with that album in 1994 in a limited 2CD package.
Metal strands attached to posts to enclose domestic animals. "Be careful and don't get stuck on that bob war."
"War" is a song by Bob Marley, derived from a speech made by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I.
WAR is a turn based client/server networked X11/Linux 3D strategy game . Think Warhammer
I think Frankie Goes To Hollywood had it right. Put the leaders - the actual people who've insulted each others' grandmothers or whatever - in the ring, and let them beat the shit out of each other. And after the claims and counter-claims of steroids have been dismissed, we'd have a winner. Of course, us voters would soon realise what was going to happen if they didn't have strong leaders. John Major would be out. Japan's PM would be replaced with a Sumo wrestler. Bill Clinton might stand a chance if he keeps working out - but no more McDonalds. China would find someone who isn't due for a pension. And as for Australia, Keating might be good at calling people scumbags and recalcitrants, but I reckon we might get Bronwyn Bishop before too long. Yeah... stick the knee in, Bronwyn
War is a card game for two players. It uses a standard Western 52-playing card deck. It is most often played as a children's game, because of its simplicity.
Written Answers Report. A publication containing the answers to written questions (including oral questions selected for First Minister's Question Time or Question Time but not reached). The WAR forms part of the Official Report.
War is the name of at least two Marvel Comics supervillains. Two are discussed here: both members of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. the first War (real name unknown) and Abraham Keiros. The title was also briefly held by Bruce Banner, the Hulk.
War is the second episode of the first season of the US version of Da Ali G Show.
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To contend; to strive violently; to fight.
To make war upon; to fight.
a legal state created by a declaration of war and ended by official declaration during which the international rules of war apply; "war was declared in November but actual fighting did not begin until the following spring"
A multi-day interkingdom event (such as Pennsic, Kingdom Crusades, or Gulf Wars) which pit kingdom against kingdom in a friendly form of rivalry. While SCA wars do include a large battle, there are many other activities during the war as well.
WASTE: anything leftover, or superfluous, as excess material, byproducts; can include sewage, as well as landfill, may be NUCLEAR, HAZARDOUS WATER: use to identify significant stories on water for consumption. WATERWAY: a river, canal, or other body of water as a route or way of travel or transport.; also for bays, ponds, etc. WEAPON: where the weapon is significant as in NUCLEAR, SPACE; crime word ... first story, arrest, verdict, sentence WEATHER: links together significant stories on climate; NOT for day-to-day forecasts
a concerted campaign to end something that is injurious; "the war on poverty"; "the war against crime"
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A package for the web components of a J2EE(tm) application.
Web Application Resource file: allows a set of files forming a web application to be compressed into a single portable file.
eb rchive Whereas the EAR is the complete application zipped up into a single file, the WAR file is a only the web interface part of the application zipped up. So an EAR file will/may contain a WAR file.
a delicate, melancholic ballad, reminiscent of 'The State I Am In'
An act of armed agression against another group or country.
Wimbum group
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The Purple Testament A Quality of Mercy
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World Ain t Ready
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to cause upheaval and arguments in a home
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Ware; aware.
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Instruments of war.
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