Definitions for "Maria"
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Plural form of mare, a dark region of considerable extent on the surface of the moon.
lava plains filling basins on Moon; dark, flat (singular = mare).
dark, smooth areas of the Moon caused by molten lava flowed and has now hardened on the surface
Maria is a 1995 critically acclaimed album by Canadian singer and songwriter Jane Siberry.
Maria (born Maria Jensen) is a Danish R&B singer and songwriter. Although she was born in Denmark, she grew up in different parts of Europe. Despite her parents' initial hesitation and the fact that she did not come from a musical family, Maria decided to pursue a career as a singer.
"Maria" is a song by Blondie from their 1999 album No Exit. This song was Blondie's comeback single; it was the first release from the band since "War Child" in July 1982. It was also the first U.K. number 1 for the band since "The Tide Is High" in November 1980, and coincidentally, topped the charts exactly twenty years after their first UK chart-topper, "Heart of Glass" in 1979.
Metering and Information Reconciliation Agreement
Metering and Reconciliation Information Agreement. This outlines the rules that allow a buyer and seller to form a contract to supply electricity.
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A fictional wind popularized in "Paint Your Wagon" (Lerner and Lowe, 1951) and by the Kingston Trio (1959), whose name may have originated with the 1941 book "Storm" by George R. Stewart. (Jan Null, Golden Gate Weather Services)
Rasputin's daughter. After his death, his secretary Simonovich realised that Rasputin had moved a lot of money into Maria's account, and generally set all his affairs in order – more proof that he knew his murder was imminent? (See also Foresight)
a short stroll from some of Girona's finest restaurants, where locals and tourists alike enjoy the tapas and local cuisine
Maria is one of the main characters in Silent Hill 2. She meets up with James in Rosewater Park and stays with him sporadically after that. She is physically identical to James' late wife, Mary, although her appearance and personality is more sexually extroverted.
name of the fatally ill girl from Trakl's narrative Dream Country. - in Trakl's Drama Fragment a dead child bears this name who appears as “The Apparition”.
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Maria is an Atari 7800/2600 emulator.
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a charming Rome hotel with a wonderful
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Italian: Marijuana, Spanish (Cuba): Marijuana
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A valuable timber tree of Panama.
an administrative officer who provides administrative support to staff and students of the CTAL Unit
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A measure of area, about 1/160 of an acre.