Definitions for "Jan"
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Jan is the pseudonym of Juan López Fernández (March 13, 1939- ), Spanish comic book writer and artist, most famous for his creation Superlópez.
Keywords:  atma, sufi, atman, vedanta, soul
The soul. -Sufi. Vedanta: atma, or atman. (1a) See atma. (1b)
Keywords:  joon, equivalent
equivalent to joon.
Keywords:  jackson, airport, municipal
Jackson Municipal Airport Jackson, MS
Keywords:  jambo, advertising, network
Jambo Advertising Network
Keywords:  navy, army, joint
Joint Army-Navy
Keywords:  ean, article, japanese, number, see
Japanese Article Number
Japanese Article Numbering. It is the same as EAN. See EAN.
Job Action Notice
Job Accommodation Network
Jobs Accommodation Network
Keywords:  solstice, winter, begins, month, days
the first month of the year; begins 10 days after the winter solstice
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One of an intermediate order between angels and men.