Definitions for "Foresight"
Action in reference to the future; provident care; prudence; wise forethought.
A broad term covering all methods of envisaging the future, but with an emphasis on the alternative futures concept. Most writers on foresight consider it to include some element of action or decision, so forecasting alone is not normally seen as foresight. Compare with future/s studies.
providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future
The act or the power of foreseeing; prescience; foreknowledge.
seeing ahead; knowing in advance; foreseeing
Foresight is a LGPLed wrapper that currently brings together the Intel IPL, Intel OpenCV, ImageMagick, and the Matrox MIL. The ultimate goal is to provide a standard interface for any number of acquisition and image processing libraries.
Foresight is a security architecture designed to detect, alert, respond, and report on events happening throughout the enterprise. The interface aggregates and correlates security information from multiple devices within the network.
Any sight or reading of the leveling staff, except the backsight; any sight or bearing taken by a compass or theodolite in a forward direction.
Muzzle sight. See Fore sight, under Fore, a.
In levelling, the last reading to be taken from one setting of the instrument. A foresight must be taken on a fixed point, which then becomes a benchmark.
A network traffic control feature used in Cisco switches. When the ForeSight feature is enabled on the switch, the switch will periodically send out a ForeSight message. When a Cisco router receives a ForeSight message indicating that certain data-link connection identifiers (DLCIs) are experiencing congestion, the router reacts by activating its traffic-shaping function to slow down the output rate.
the discipline of developing a forward view in time; link-theme between spiritual dimension and mental dimension; see also sense-making; strategy, scenario
the ability to play in only those tournaments you are sure of winning.
A process to predict what new technologies will have most impact in 10 to 20 years' time.