Definitions for "Accepted"
An intermediate stage in qualifying to become Aes Sedai.
widely accepted as true or worthy; "the accepted wisdom about old age"; "a received moral idea"; "Received political wisdom says not; surveys show otherwise"- Economist
generally agreed upon; not subject to dispute; "the accepted interpretation of the poem"; "an accepted theory"
generally accepted or used; "accepted methods of harmony and melody"; "three accepted types of pump"
a member who has been with the Sect for a sufficient (determined by the Elder(s) of the Sect) amount of time or has reached a level of competency
Accepted is a 2006 comedy motion picture about a group of high school seniors who, after being rejected from all colleges to which they had applied, create their own college.
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A draft (bill of exchange) that has been accepted by the drawee (also known as the acceptor).
generally approved or compelling recognition; "several accepted techniques for treating the condition"; "his recognized superiority in this kind of work"
judged to be in conformity with approved usage; "acceptable English usage"
After applying to a program, if the program administrator decides that they want you as an affiliate, they will change your status for that program to accepted. If you added the links while under consideration, you keep any commissions you generated.
Required Notification of Construction has been accepted by the Commission.
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widely or permanently accepted; "an accepted precedent"
Accepted is the status of a trade  mark application, when it has been examined by the examiner and accepted  for publication in the Patents Office Journal.
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The term that describes a filing that has successfully passed acceptance review. A live filing is deemed public at this point.
The recorded decision or formal sign-off by the customer that an output or sub-output has satisfied the documented requirements and may be delivered to the customer or used in the next part of the process.