Definitions for "Worthy"
Having worth or excellence; possessing merit; valuable; deserving; estimable; excellent; virtuous.
Having suitable, adapted, or equivalent qualities or value; -- usually with of before the thing compared or the object; more rarely, with a following infinitive instead of of, or with that; as, worthy of, equal in excellence, value, or dignity to; entitled to; meriting; -- usually in a good sense, but sometimes in a bad one.
A man of eminent worth or value; one distinguished for useful and estimable qualities; a person of conspicuous desert; -- much used in the plural; as, the worthies of the church; political worthies; military worthies.
(Gr. axios) Describes those who act in a manner befitting one who is a follower of Christ. No one is worthy of salvation in and of himself, but all are made worthy through Christ (see 1 Thess. 2:10-12).
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To render worthy; to exalt into a hero.
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Of high station; of high social position.