Definitions for "Accessibility"
The quality of being accessible, or of admitting approach; receptibility.
Arrangements giving people the opportunity to study in an institution, in particular, the requirement to offer students from unconventional backgrounds, those with traditional low take-up of HE, or those with disabilities, the maximum opportunity to access distance education courses. * The same principles involved in accessibility can also bring benefits to those who use slow internet connections. The most used set of accessibility guidelines are those developed by the W3C organisation ( More information can be found on the TechDis web-site (
The use of programming and web authoring techniques that allows people with disabilities ranging from visual problems to cognitive impairments to use the internet. Not only does an &quor;accessible&quor; web site improve service to people with disabilities, it also caters for readers with slow modems, and less sophisticated browsers.
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(Denial of Service) the degree to which the software system protects system functions or service from being denied to the user (Reusability) the degree to which a software system or component facilitates the selective use of its components [ Boehm 78].
The degree to which software can be used comfortably by a variety of people, including those who require assistive technologies or those who use the keyboard instead of a pointing device. An accessible JFC application uses the Java Accessibility API and provides keyboard operations for all actions that can be carried out by use of the mouse.
All OpenSolaris software shall conform to the U.S. Government's section 508 accessibility requirements.
Adjustments made to a person's home environment, such as wheelchair ramps or handrails that allow the person to remain living at home with less difficulty.
The adaptation of buses and facilities in order to service passengers in wheelchairs and passengers with other special needs.
a timing consideration used in "Information Driven Design" for specifying when and where data is to be retrieved to produce information for delivery to end user destinations. Accessibility answers the question, "Can I get to the data when I need to?" How data is accessed is a function of output. (See Availability, and Output).
The extent to which the structural and organizational arrangements facilitate participation in the program.
The capability to serve all users, regardless of their browser type, screen size, or physical ability.
Accessibility, in this context, is whether people, particularly those from disadvantaged groups and areas, are able to reach the jobs and key services that they need, particularly health care, education and food shops, either by travelling to those services or by having those services brought to them.
The accessibility criterion of the Canada Health Act (section 12) requires that health care insurance plans of provinces and territories provide: insured health care services on uniform terms and conditions, on a basis that does not impede or preclude reasonable access to these services by insured persons, either directly or indirectly; payment for insured health services according to a system of payment authorized by the law of the province or territory; reasonable compensation for all insured health care services rendered by physicians and dentists; and payment to hospitals to cover the cost of insured health care services.
A member's ability to obtain health care, taking into consideration the availability of health services, their acceptability to the member, the location of the health care services, the availability of convenient transportation, the hours of operation, and the cost of care.
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A feature or service that meets the needs of seniors and the physically challenged.
The degree to which an Interpretive Program is useable by all elements of the public. For instance, no matter what challenge to learning, each person will have the opportunity of a meaningful experience.
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1) Having legal rights to bring your equipment into a location and mine it. 2) Being able to get your equipment into a location without a great deal of trouble.
An aggregate measure of how reachable locations are from a given location. The ACCESSIBILITY command computes values for accessibility as a function of the distance between locations and an empirically derived distance decay parameter.
in reference to coal resources (core meaning), the absence of land use restrictions and the assumption that ownership or leaseholds will be obtainable for mining (see also environmental restrictions, industrial restrictions). Many technological restrictions were traditionally applied as demonstrated reserve base criteria, but (extended meaning) with the advent of available resource studies, specific technologic restrictions may be incorporated in accessibility factors.
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the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with
This is the ability of a house, product, place, program, etc. to be easy, not difficult, to use or reach.
How easy a place is to get to.
All new construction of covered multifamily buildings must include certain features of accessible and adaptable design. Units covered are all those in buildings with four or more units and one or more elevators, and all ground floor units in buildings without elevators.
A locational characteristic that permits a place to be reached by the efforts of those at other places.
The location of a site in terms of how easily it may be reached by customers. employees, carriers, and others necessary to the intended use of the property.
The likelihood that an item will be retrieved from long-term memory.
Whether a given member¤ of a class¤ can be referred to from a certain point in the program. For example, private members¤ of a given class¤ are accessible only by member¤ functions and friend¤ functions of the same class¤.
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The facilitation of access to those with functional limitations requiring systems add-ons.
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We have an accessibility page to tell you more about how we have made our site more accessible and open to all our members.
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the quality of being at hand when needed