Definitions for "lock-in"
A commitment by a lender guaranteeing a specified interest rate for a specified period of time. also called rate lock.
A lender's guarantee of an interest rate for a set period of time. The time period is usually that between loan application approval and loan closing. The borrower wants the lock to stay in effect until closing.
A period during which no prepayment of mortgage principal (whether partial or in full) is allowed.
A contractual provision by which members are required to use certain health care providers in order to receive coverage (except in cases of urgent or emergent need).
A requirement under which all covered services, except Emergency Services, Urgently Needed Services or Out-of-Area Kidney Dialysis, must be provided or authorized by your Contracted Medical Provider or your PCP. All health care must be arranged or provided by network providers or authorized by AdvantageCare. This requirement includes inpatient or outpatient hospital facilities. If you get any other services from a Non-Contracted Medical Provider or a contracted provider such as a Specialist without prior authorization, neither AdvantageCare nor original Medicare will pay for such services.
A contractual provision by which members, except in cases of unforeseen out-of-area urgently needed care or emergency care, are required to receive all their care from the managed care plan's network or health care providers.
The minute you believe you've caught up with the technology available, not only will in improve, the infrastructure required to make it work will require an overhaul. Setting up a system that is mutable is no easy trick.
Similar to a mousetrap; lock-in code disables your browser's Back button and prevents you from leaving the web site. Originally developed by porn sites, some mainstream sites also employ this trick.
adj. of or pertaining to a combination lock that is inoperable because the last number of a combination is set in the forbidden zone
A clause that may appear in a note or contract that prohibits the payor from paying off the indebtedness before the date set forth in the contract.
Refers to the ability of companies to ensure their customers do not switch to competitors (i.e. cell phone companies).
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(Inability to choose again)
Restriction of a recipient to particular providers, as determined necessary by the State