Definitions for "Fixed Rate"
An interest rate for a credit card or loan that remains constant.
A mortgage loan in which the rate of interest is set for the term of the mortgage so that the regular payments of principal and interest will remain the same throughout the term.
A rate of interest which is fixed throughout the period of the loan.
Information flow at a constant volume over time. See CBR.
Station's price for a time slot, which guarantees that the advertiser's announcement will run in that position without preemption.
Unchanging, not subject to movement or fluctuation, usually for a specified term.
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Related to Fixed Income: A bond in which the coupon is fixed to maturity.
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an excellent choice if you plan to live in your home for a long time
Traditionally, the amount of finance charge payable for extending credit.
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a straight payment of the same amount each month over the course of a set amount of years