Definitions for "Tim"
Abbreviation for transient intermodulation distortion. (See Distortion)
Transient Intermodulation Distortion. The intermodulation distortion caused by time lags in amplifiers operating at very high frequencies that have very high levels of negative feedback. Also called slew-induced distortion; an amplifier that is relatively immune to it is said to have a high slew rate. TIM can be controlled by an input that is rolled off above the audible frequencies so that signals too "fast" for feedback to handle will be nonexistent. See also Intermodulation distortion; Negative feedback.
the genetic abbreviation for the gene named timeless
The server is base on ACE Framework,it aims to build a common IM Platform,that support a few protocols such as Jabber,Voip and so on. I'm sorry that there is no working version was been released, please check the subversion Repo for source code.
Tim is an album released in October 1985 on Sire Records by the alternative rock band The Replacements. It was their first release after signing to a major label. It was also the last album made by the original classic line-up of the band.
TIM is the name of a Japanese comedy unit (kombi). The unit consists of Red Yoshida (レッド吉田, born October 30, 1965) and Golgo (or Gorugo) Matsumoto (ゴルゴ松本, born April 17, 1967). They are most famous for their antics on the owarai show Uchimura Produce, as well as various children's shows such as Tensai Terebikun MAX (天才てれびくんMAX).
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Prodigal Sorcerer.
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The smaller upside down guard between Alph and his shield.
Tim (1979) is an Australian romance movie between an older woman (played by Piper Laurie) and a younger, retarded man (played by Mel Gibson). It was moderately successful in Australia, earning Gibson an Australian Film Institute award for best actor. It is also notable for featuring his first sex scene (between him and Laurie).
A thin layer of material, usually a wax pad or smooth paste, between the CPU core and heatsink surface to improve the transfer of heat
Triangulated irregular network. A surface representation derived from irregularly spaced sample points and breakline features. The tin data set includes topological relationships between points and their neighboring triangles. Each sample point has an x,y coordinate and a surface, or z-value. These points are connected by edges to form a set of non-overlapping triangles used to represent the surface. Tins are also called irregular triangular mesh or irregular triangular surface model.
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Tasa de Interé s Moratorio
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Transformation of Installation Management
Tivoli Identity Manager, an end to end identity management suite that provides policy-based identity management across legacy and e-business environments. See tivoli/products/identity-mgr
Theater Information Manager. The TIM is the CINC's mechanism for exercising control over what, when, and to whom information is disseminated within their Area of Responsibility (AOR) or to their forces supporting one of the geographic CINCs.
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Tim is a network connection client, like telnet, that can be used for all tcp network connections that have local-echo. It has features like line-editing, hilighting, coloring and internal scrolling.
Technical Interchange Meeting
e filter A price level that prices have to stay above or below for a specific period of time to confirm that a technical level has been broken.
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Tactical Internet Monitor
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Time Interface Module