Definitions for "HIC"
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Number: Health Insurance Claim Number. A Social Security number with a suffix at the end. It is both the number the client draws SSA and/or SSI benefits under and the client's Medicare claim number. See: Medicare
Human Investigation Committee: the name of the institutional review board for Wayne State University and its affiliated health care institutions (Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Detroit Receiving Hospital/University Health Center, Sinai-Grace Hospital, Harper Hospital, Hutzel Hospital, Huron Valley/Sinai Hospital, Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, and the John D. Dingell Veterans Affairs Medical Center).
Health Insuring Corporation. A term for managed care insurers in Ohio. HICs include all Ohio HMOs and other companies that offer prepaid managed care.
Head Injury Criteria
Head Injury Criterion or HIC addresses the risk of head injury.
Head Injury Criterion. A calculated value, using a complex formula related to the magnitude and duration of dummy head acceleration, with or without direct head impact, that indicates the likelihood of serious head injury.
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HIPS Homopolymer HoPP
Heterogeneous Interconnect bus provides a bidirectional serial interconnect which builds a scalable parallel system using pairs of unidirectional lines. IEEE-1355 defines the physical and Logic Link layers between a Chip-to-Chip, Board-to-Board, or Chassis-to-Chassis interface. The HIC interface is obsolete.
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Herding Instinct Certified
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Hydrologist In Charge.
Hydrogen Induced Cracking. A form of hydrogen blistering in which stepwise internal cracks are created that can affect the integrity of the metal.
Hybrid Integrated Circuit
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Heavy Ion Counter
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High Intensity Conflict
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High Income Countries. Trade & Economy