Definitions for "Care Coordinator"
A person who acts as a coordinator to ensure that patients receive all needed health care services. Within governmental programs, care coordinators also help patients remove barriers to access, and help link patients to other needed services in the community (such as financial assistance, housing, social services, etc.). Sometimes plans or insurance companies use the term care coordinator for a case manager who is also concerned with controlling health care costs.
a licensed health care practitioner provided by the insurance company when insured goes on claim
a trained, medical professional provided by the insurance company when insured goes on claim
Someone who works in the office and organises the care worker rotas. Also takes referrals and general enquiries.
A person who works with an individual and their family to advocate for their needs, develop a service plan, assure access to services, monitor service delivery and evaluate outcomes.
The person who manages a caseload and who is responsible for ensuring that services written in the Individual Family Service Plan and/or Individual Education Plan for an individual with a developmental disability are provided.
a professional who works with the family caregiver to assess the caregiving situation and determine what types of assistance are appropriate and available