Definitions for "Providers"
Usually references doctors or those who are providing a medical service.
he technology and consultancy companies who provide eProcurement software solutions and service
Any person, group of people or organisation supplying a community care service. Providers may be in either statutory or non-statutory sector services.
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Providers is a framework to be used with JSP to fill Select options in HTML. You can use it with Struts to replace html:options tag and use providers:options and fill the select without the need of creating a collection in an Action.
Providers run on a managed system along with the server on a Windows system. Providers are plug-ins to the server framework. Each provider is specific to the hardware controller or software component that the provider manages.
a key factor for many students when deciding where to study (see right), and international students are drawn to UK institutions which are, as a whole, held in high regard overseas
includes both publicly and privately funded bodies engaged in research and development or the commercialisation of these outputs.