Definitions for "Health Services"
A status that enables a child to receive health care services (such as tubal feeding, change of dressing, tracheostomy care, intermittent catheterization, etc.) which are necessary for a child to benefit from other early intervention services.(body, about it, care, with it, work/ services)
By the term health services, SDC understands the large mix of services needed to form a health system, including health promotion and preventive services, surveillance and health information systems, etc.
Services that are performed by health care professionals, or by others under their direction, for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, or restoring health. In addition to personal health care, health services include measures for health protection, health promotion, and disease prevention.
the logistical function of promoting, improving, conserving, or restoring the mental or physical well being of military personnel.
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The benefits covered under a health contract.