Definitions for "Intermittent"
A flow that occurs only seasonally when the water table is at the maximum level. The drainage network is composed of ephemeral, intermittent and perennial streams and the network expands during rainstorms and extends to limits affected by antecedent conditions especially antecedent moisture. Flow may occur along intermittent streams for several months each year but will seldom occur when the water table is lowered during the dry season ( Thomas and Goudie 2000).
Stream - a stream that flows only during certain times of the year. Seasonal flow in an intermittent stream usually lasts longer than 30 days per year. See also ephemeral and perennial streams.  inematic Wave Method - hydraulic river routing method that uses the continuity equation and the momentum equation for unsteady flow in open channels.  ag Time - time from the center of mass of the rainfall to the peak of the hydrograph.  Losses - Rainfall that does not runoff, i.e. rainfall that infiltrates into the ground or is held in ponds or on leaves, etc.
a stream that flows only periodically throughout the year.
Coming and going at intervals; alternating; recurrent; periodic; as, an intermittent fever.
An intermittent fever or disease.
Not constant but occurring at intervals.
Work based on sporadic and unpredictable requirements which prevents advance scheduling of a regular tour of duty. Employees work on an as-needed basis, are paid only for those hours worked, and are not entitled to earn or use leave.
A fault that occurs now and then in an electrical circuit, referring to occasional opens, shorts, or grounds
occurring sporadically or in phases.
a problem for which there is no known procedure to consistently reproduce its symptom
A problem that comes and goes with no obvious pattern.
Occasionally happening, not constant.
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part-time, on and off, e.g. solar and wind energy