Definitions for "perpetual"
Unending, continuing forever, having no expiration date.
Neverceasing; continuing forever or for an unlimited time; unfailing; everlasting; continuous.
Continuing or lasting for an indefinitely long time.
Keywords:  pech'u, enduring, lasting
per pech'u al lasting enduring
Plaque designed for additions of individual recognition plates in rows and columns; usually installed at a facility, with plates added to denote annual winners or achievers, or memoriums.
Self winding automatic watch.
A type of calendar that automatically adjusts for months of different lengths and indicates February 29 in each leap year.
Keywords:  redeem, maturity, retains, date, final
A bond with no final maturity date. However, the borrower often retains the right to redeem the issue.
A fixed income security with no maturity date.
A perpetual rotor converts the movement of the wrist into energy that can be stored and powers the watch.
Keywords:  redemption, limit, security, time
A security without a time limit for redemption.