Definitions for "New Year"
The Islamic cycle of months begins. Formulas determine holy days based on lunar events.
a clean slate, a chance to suck in your breath, decide all is not lost and give yourself another chance
a completely new slate, a new page of a diary, a brand new beginning unsmudged by the misdeeds and inertia of the year gone by
the calendar year just begun
a re minder to celebrate all the things that are good in our world
a reminder to celebrate all the things that are good in your world
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"New Year" is an pop song written by British group Sugababes, Jony Lipsey, Cameron McVey, Felix Howard, Matt Rowe and Paul Simm for their debut album One Touch. The song was produced by Lipsey, McVey and Simm and received a mixed reception from music critics. It was released as the second single in the winter of 2000 and reached the top fifteen in the United Kingdom, where it sold 75,000 copies.
New Year (Chinese: 过年) is a black and white Chinese animation made in 1924 by Wan Laiming and Wan Guchan.
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a gift from God
a precious gift
an ideal opportunity to resolve to take action to effect change
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a starting point like a new day