Definitions for "quarter"
Keywords:  starboard, stern, vamp, hoof, shoe
That part of a boot or shoe which forms the side, from the heel to the vamp.
That part on either side of a horse's hoof between the toe and heel, being the side of the coffin.
The after-part of a vessel's side, generally corresponding in extent with the quarter-deck; also, the part of the yardarm outside of the slings.
One of four three-month intervals on a financial calendar that together comprise...
One of the divisions of an escutcheon when it is divided into four portions by a horizontal and a perpendicular line meeting in the fess point.
To divide into four equal parts.
One of four equal parts into which anything is divided, or is regarded as divided; a fourth part or portion; as, a quarter of a dollar, of a pound, of a yard, of an hour, etc.
The fourth of a hundred-weight, being 25 or 28 pounds, according as the hundredweight is reckoned at 100 or 112 pounds.
The fourth of a ton in weight, or eight bushels of grain; as, a quarter of wheat; also, the fourth part of a chaldron of coal.
The encampment on one of the principal passages round a place besieged, to prevent relief and intercept convoys.
Place of lodging or temporary residence; shelter; entertainment; -- usually in the plural.
A station or encampment occupied by troops; a place of lodging for soldiers or officers; as, winter quarters.
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one-quarter of a mile; 440 yards; 1,320 feet.
A term used for a quarter-mile drag strip.
Refers to a quarter of a mile (roughly 400metres). There are four quarters in the last mile (1609 metres) of every race, which is used when determining sectional times.
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Friendship; amity; concord.
The backstage call given 20 minutes before curtain up (15 minutes before beginners).
a unit of time equal to 15 minutes or a quarter of an hour; "it's a quarter til 4"; "a quarter after 4 o'clock"
Treatment shown by an enemy; mercy; especially, the act of sparing the life a conquered enemy; a refraining from pushing one's advantage to extremes.
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ASL Browser
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A division of a town, city, or county; a particular district; a locality; as, the Latin quarter in Paris.
a district of a city having some distinguishing character; "the Latin Quarter"
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a reward to those who gave their time to KOSH freely
Keywords:  techlean, capital, corporate
Techlean Corporate capital.
Keywords:  loaf, bun, french, styled, good
a good size for a French loaf styled bun
Keywords:  insulting, tip
an insulting tip
Keywords:  rut, carriage, wheels, drive, going
To drive a carriage so as to prevent the wheels from going into the ruts, or so that a rut shall be between the wheels.
as in quarter-calf, quarter-morocco: a binding of which only the spine is of the specified material.
Keywords:  overseers, servants, farm, live, owner
a farm on which the owner does not live but has overseers and servants
Keywords:  jail, lot, money
a lot of money in jail
Keywords:  battle, station, plural, proper, posted
Proper station; specific place; assigned position; special location.
A station at which officers and men are posted in battle; -- usually in the plural.
Keywords:  allot, furnish, ribs, portion, cutting
To furnish as a portion; to allot.
each of two portions that result from ribbing (cutting) a side between the 12th and 13th ribs.
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Dealer slang for a $25 gaming cheque.
A €25 chip, also called a green bird. To get quartered in a high-low game is when two players had the same low. They split the low, which was half of the pot, therefore the low was quartered or they received 25% of the pot.
US $0.25, the gold standard for vending machines and parking meters.
Keywords:  upright, partitions, timber, stud, post
A small upright timber post, used in partitions; -- in the United States more commonly called stud.
an unspecified person; "he dropped a word in the right quarter"
1. What you need to call your friend to pick you up after you lose all your money playing Hold'em before reading up on strategy. 2. What your opponent will need to call his or her friend after playing you after you read up on strategy.
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a small price to pay for their enjoyment
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Quick Take
provide housing for (military personnel)
Keywords:  urban, settlement, section
A quarter is a section of an urban settlement.
Keywords:  pins, row, second
The second row of pins
Keywords:  chip, green, common, color, known
Another name for the $25 chips, also known as a Green because that is the most common color of the $25 chip.
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a flat object
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One of the parts of a QUARTERED FIELD.