Definitions for "Citadel "
A fortress in or near a fortified city, commanding the city and fortifications, and intended as a final point of defense.
A citadel is a fortified place, usually in a raised position in or near a city. go back
A small but strong fort within, or a part of, a larger fortification. Usually located to dominate the area and other works surrounding it, so as to function as a place of refuge from which a defense could be prolonged.
Citadel is an advanced messaging and collaboration system for groupware and BBS applications. Users can connect to Citadel using any telnet, WWW, or client software. Among the features supported are public and private message bases , electronic mail, real-time chat, paging, shared calendaring, address books, mailing lists, and more.
Citadel is the name of a bulletin board system software program, and of the genre of programs it inspired. Citadels were notable for their room-based structure (see below) and relatively heavy emphasis on messages and conversation as opposed to gaming and files. The first Citadel came online in 1980 with a single 300 baud modem; eventually many versions of the software, both clones and those descended from the original code base (but all usually called "Citadels"), became popular among BBS callers and sysops, particularly in areas such as the Pacific Northwest, Northern California and Upper Midwest of the United States, where development of the software was ongoing.
Citadel is a messaging and collaboration platform. While other types of groupware focus on automating business processes, Citadel focuses on connecting communities of people together.
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place - military and administrative complex built on an outcrop of rock at the base of the Muqattam hills. Established by Salah-al-din in the 12th century, it remains an important strategic complex for the Egyptian police and armed forces.
The Citadel is a fictional fascist empire in the DC Universe. Auron, the first Citadelian, and brother of the goddess X'Hal adopted the technology of the Psions in order to betray his family and clone his own race of beings called Citadelians. The Citadel established an empire in the Vegan Star System, in order to conquer worlds with help from a computer called Complex-Complex.
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a word from fairy tales and from legends
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Operational code name for the German attack on the Soviet forces near Kursk, July 1943
a working group established by a Commandery, operating under the authority of that Commandery and its Master
location Structure in the VALLEY in which the Key was kept. Uses advanced tech but it is starting to break down. Electric lighting, air-conditioning, sealed doors, concealed surveillance
online banking method used by multiplayer poker sites to fund poker accounts and distribute cash to players
Citadel is a total electronic payment solution provider offering a secure online environment for merchants and customers.
A database for storing historical shared variable values.
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See Keep.