Definitions for "Great hall"
Keywords:  castle, throne, ward, palace, dining
central foyer in Tara's palace giving access to courtroom, offices, living quarters
The main chamber of the castle. Here is where the all the business and social activity of the castle was conducted. A great hall usually had a Solar, Buttery, Pantry, and kitchen attached to it.
the principle hall in a castle or mansion; can be used for dining or entertainment
the Hogwash cafeteria. Nothing so great about it, really, except that there are hoses built into the walls that gush out water after every meal. These push all the scraps of dropped and thrown food, as well as broken furniture and the occasional sleeping student, into a hidden chute in the center of the floor that leads to the incinerator.
A large communal room within a medieval building used for entertaining, eating and sleeping in. back
gathering place for meals and festivities, bewitched ceiling shows sky outside
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