Definitions for "Pins"
1). In the folder, the thin, sharp points of metal which pull the web into the folder, located just before the cut-off knives. 2) In stripping, small metal devices used to secure two pieces of film or a piece of film and a plate to each other for registration purposes.
Pins are used for temporary basting of fabric. They are used to hold patterns in place while cutting and to hold fabrics together while stitching (it is not recommended to machine sew over pins as they have been known to break your sewing machine needle, jam the machine, or cause other problems). Often, large safety pins are used to baste quilt layers before the final quilting. Care should be taken to use a pin that will not leave a large hole and to not leave pins in fabric too long; they could cause stains where they touch the fabric.
The thin metal rods that are inserted through holes in the upright supports which fasten the supports to the basket
To dream of pins, augurs differences and quarrels ill families. To a young woman, they warn her of unladylike conduct towards her lover. To dream of swallowing a pin, denotes that accidents will force you into perilous conditions. To lose one, implies a petty loss or disagreement. To see a bent or rusty pin, signifies that you will lose esteem because of your careless ways. To stick one into your flesh, denotes that some person will irritate you.
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See shank.
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The thin protrusions of a dovetail joint. See Dovetail joint.
Thick short pins used in the hermetically sealed packaging of crystals to connect the plating on the crystal to the oscillator circuit normally .238" minimum in length and .03" to .05" in diameter. Typically used in applications where the crystal is inserted into a socket. See leads.
Usually the lower of each pair of tumblers in the cylinder mechanism. The upper are known as drivers.
Pipeline Inspection Notification System.
Personal Insolvency National Standards - standards developed between the Insolvency and Trustee Service, Australia and the Insolvency Practitioners Association of Australia
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Iron or wooden bars to which running rigging is secured.
The antennae. A team relying on mainly outside sets is said to be playing 'pinball'.
Precise Integrated Navigation System