Definitions for "posted"
The term "Posted" refers to a transaction that has passed budget checking, pre-encumbrance and the encumbrance stage which occurs in ledger KK and has been "posted" overnight into ledger which is the final location for actual expenditures.
Refers to the status of a transaction when it has been completed, approved and added to the ledger. It is therefore final and unalterable.
Said of a cap that has been removed from a pen and placed on back of the pen's barrel (i.e., for writing). Some people prefer not to post caps on particularly valuable or rare pens (to avoid marking the barrel or putting stress on the cap lip), while some pens are so large and heavy that they may be more comfortable to use if the cap is not posted.
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publicly announced; "the posted speed limit"
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A state of a Menu where it remains in a visible state even though a mouse button is not being held down. See also spring-loaded.