Definitions for "Encampment"
Keywords:  tent, camp, huts, lodging, army
The act of pitching tents or forming huts, as by an army or traveling company, for temporary lodging or rest.
The place where an army or a company is encamped; a camp; tents pitched or huts erected for temporary lodgings.
The official body of the National Organization of each of the Allied Orders and of their Departments. They meet annually to conduct the business of the organization and to elect officers for the ensuing year. Membership in National Encampments is made up of the Commander-in-Chief (or National President), National elected officers, all past Commanders-in-Chief (or past National Presidents), all Department Commanders (or Department Presidents), all past Department Commanders (or past Department Presidents) and delegates based upon the population of each department. Department Encampments are made of up the Department Commander (or Department President), Department elected officers, all past Department Commanders (or past Department Presidents), all Camp Commanders (or Auxiliary, Circle, Tent or Corps Presidents), all past Camp Commanders (or past Presidents) and delegates based on the population of each Camp (or Auxiliary, Circle, Tent or Corps). { Return to Top of List