Definitions for "Carryover"
The provision in tax law which allows a taxpayer to apply an amount to a future tax year.
the portion of a donation receipt not used in the current year and carried forward for use in succeeding years.
The inventory of a farm commodity not yet used at the end of a marketing year. Marketing years generally start at the beginning of the new harvest for a commodity.
The chemical solids and liquid entrained with the steam from a boiler.
Unintended contamination of a sample undergoing analysis with material from a previous sample.
In a steam boiler contaminating solid or liquid material that is conveyed with steam into the steam pipes.
An MTN Service When loading more Pay as you Go cards, all airtime minutes will be added to the balance remaining on your account - you do not need to use up the full outgoing call value within the access period. access time can be accumulated up to a maximum of 24 months at any one time.
The portion of existing supplies remaining from a prior production period.
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A gambling term used mostly in a "skins" game. When a hole is tied, the purse money for the hole carries over to the next hole, making the hole worth both holes combined.
the score from early sessions that applies to an overall tournament score.
an interest rate that is too great to add to the ARM adjustments because of the predetermined caps, so the interest amount is carried over until it can be applied. Note, however, that this amount is not added onto the principal balance, such as in negative amortization. (Because of the 2 percent annual cap on a loan, an additional 1 percent interest adjustment cannot be applied - so it is held until the annual adjustments fall short of their cap, and then applied).