Definitions for "Long Term"
In transportation planning, refers to a time span of, generally, 20 years. The transportation plans for metropolitan areas and for States should include projections for land use, population and employment for the 20-year period.
Period usually greater than one year.
In general investing, an investment held for several years. In the bond market, a bond with a maturity of 10 years or more.
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Loophole Certificate
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MEMORY - an ability to easily recall feelings, events, ideas and other information which may have happened a long time ago.
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a Spring or Fall semester
Holding period of 12 months or longer. Back to the top
Something with a duration of over 12 months.
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Someone who buys or sells short a stock and is in the trade for a longer term, usually several weeks forward.
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Normally, intended for continuous use for more than 30 days
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Insurance policies that cover specified services for a specified period of time. Long-term care policies (and their prices) vary significantly.
Holding an asset for an extended period of time.