Definitions for "Recency"
The advertising scheduling tactic of providing reach, without regard to frequency, for as many weeks as possible in order to deliver ad messages immediately prior to purchase decisions.
a time immediately before the present
This new approach to planning media looks at how advertising helps consumers make buying decisions. It's the sensible idea that consumer need the empty cereal box, an expiring car lease, a bad hair day causes the purchase. The advertising doesn't. Most advertising sells by simply reminding those people who are already, ready to buy, about the brand. Regency suggests much of advertising works by just being there for people who are in the market, and that is embarrassingly close to being a commercial for outdoor. When the campaign is running the brand name is there all the time.
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The state or quality of being recent; newness; new state; late origin; lateness in time; freshness; as, the recency of a transaction, of a wound, etc.
This measure is the number of days since the most recent visit for a visitor.
A term for how recently a customer has made a purchase from a company. Most recent purchasers are more likely to purchase again in response to a promotion than those who bought longer ago.