Definitions for "Premiums"
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The amounts paid to AUL as consideration for a contract.
The consideration (money) paid (in one payment or a series of payments) for an insurance contract to be in force.
The amounts paid to AUL as consideration for the contract.
Free gift sent to a potential customer either with the mail piece or after the customer has responded.
Goods offered either free or at low cost as a way to promote a product.
souvenir merchandise produced to promote a sponsor's involvement with a property (customized with the names/logos of the sponsor and the property). For example, mouse pads, posters, etc.
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Over the years, the editors have dispensed premiums when any leftover money was in the till at year's end. These have included the Game Lucky Pen, the Game Coffee Mug, the Game Porcelain Magnet and "The Artful Dirger" series of CDs.
Agreed compensation for the risks assumed by the policyholder. Unlike earned premiums, written premiums are not booked on an accrual basis.
As a consequence of strategic location and unique products, the Facility earns a payment above the commmodity grade zinc price. In recent years, the premium is about 5 cents US a pound.
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the difference between the offering price and the opening or current price during a new issue of shares through an IPO or rights issue.
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See "points".