Definitions for "Target audience"
Profile of the most desired or most likely customers for a specific product or service. Defined by demographic and lifestyle characteristics including brand or media consumption, purchase behavior etc.
The identification of a desired audience for a promotional or mailing activity.
Target Audience is a group of people that is expected to be interested in the knowledge arising from the project.(DE:Zielgruppe, FR:Audience utile)
The section of the population that is identified as likely to be most interested in buying or being associated with a product.
The section of the population that the research question is most concerned with.
The individual, organization, company, or population type you are addressing in your communication or to whom you are targeting your event.
The people who will benefit from the work being carried out
The people most likely to visit a website or be interested in its products/services
The people most likely to buy your product or service, or most interested in the information you provide. The more you know about them, and have designed your product or service with them in mind, the easier it will be to sell it to them.
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see target market.