Definitions for "Rotor"
The rotating part of a generator or motor. Contrasted with stator, the stationary part.
(see Swinging or Oscillating Weight).
the rotating blades of a helicopter
a somewhat triangular shaped engine component
The Rotor is an amusement park ride, designed by German engineer Ernst Hoffmeister in the late 1940s. The ride was first demonstrated at Oktoberfest 1949, and was exhibited at fairs and events throughout Europe during the 1950s and 1960s. The ride still appears in numerous amusement parks, although travelling variants have been surpassed by the Gravitron.
Rotor the Walrus is a fictional character and a protagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, as well as the ongoing comic book series Sonic the Hedgehog, both based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games. He is a purple, male, anthropomorphic, walrus, who serves as the Freedom Fighters' resident mechanic and inventor. Rotor created many of Knothole Village's surveillance and security systems.
a cast and machined part just like the caliper
The rotor is the part of the engine that receives the power impulse of the explosion and combustion of the fuel air mixture. It supercedes the piston of old internal combustion engines. Sometimes loosely called a "rotary piston".
A rotary part of a machine.
a huge propeller that is pointed straight up into the air
ROTOR was a huge and elaborate air defence radar system built by the British Government in the early 1950s to counter possible attack by Soviet bombers.
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swirling air downwind of an obstacle.
a type of turbulence you get in mountainous areas
Circulation of flow about a horizontal or nearly horizontal axis that is usually associated with flow over the lee side of a barrier, such as a mountain range. See rotor cloud.
Codename for the Shared Source CLI implementation, the thing you downloaded in order to be reading this document.
The part of a generator or turbine that spins Back
Same as scan wheel. one method of creating a field scanning mechanism using a reflective polygon, spinning on its axis. Saturation The ratio of pure color to washed out white in the display of a color. 100% saturation is pure color. 0% saturation is pure white, at whatever intensity is encoded in the color.
The movable plates of a variable capacitor.
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a very efficient device for providing lift at low speeds, but its drag increases rapidly as the aircraft goes faster if it must continue to support the aircraft
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The rotor is made of permanent magnet and can vary from two to eight pole pairs with alternate North (N) and South (S) poles.
a relatively stable periodic sustained high-frequency source during VF
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