Definitions for "polygon "
polygon is a set of PHP classes that can be used to perform different types of geometric operations with arbitary polygons. It provides generic polygon and vertex classes that support mixing lines and arc segments between vertices. Polygons may be self-intersecting, convex, or concave. It provides means to perform intersection and union operations with the shapes and to compute shape clipping.
A plane figure having many angles, and consequently many sides; esp., one whose perimeter consists of more than four sides; any figure having many angles.
Polygons are two-dimensional shapes with any number of corners. Polygons are used for display in VRML, amongst other things.
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a dead parrot
An empty parrot cage
An oceanographic program to measure the eddy currents in the North Atlantic Equatorial Current for several months using moored current meters and hydrographic surveys. This was a program carried out in 1970 by the Soviet Union. See Brekhovskikh et al. (1971).
POLYGONE is an Electronic Warfare Tactics Range located on the border between France and Germany. It is one of only two in Europe, the other being RAF Spadeadam.
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a many anled flat surface
a hexagonal or block arrangement of surface soil forming part of a uniform pattern and often caused by alternate freezing and thawing of the earth's crust.
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a pattern on the surface of frozen ground formed above ice wedges. Polygons can have low or high centers. Low-center polygons are shown and described in this web site.
a collection of points, where the last point is automatically connected to the first point in the set
a line where the first and last points are identical
a good illustration of a "virtual base class"
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The basic 2D element from which 3D objects are constructed. The number of polygons in a game's characters or surroundings is generally a good indicator of the quality of the graphics (the more they have the better).
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the same as a face
What is a polygon