Definitions for "tactics"
Near term actions taken to solve specific problems or accomplish specific goals.
The science and art of disposing military and naval forces in order for battle, and performing military and naval evolutions. It is divided into grand tactics, or the tactics of battles, and elementary tactics, or the tactics of instruction.
Traps, threats and schemes based on the calculation of variations (at times rather long-winded). A position with many combinative motifs present is considered tactical.
the art and science of employing available means to win battles and engagements.
The behaviours through which objectives and, ultimately, the strategic intent is achieved.
The pursuance of a marketing plan to achieve short term objectives.
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One of the four components of the game. Relates directly to any decisions a player makes on the field with or without the ball.
The game of cricket
Tactics is generally credited as being the first board wargame. It was designed by Charles S. Roberts in 1952, and self-published in 1954 under the company name of The Avalon Game Company (later changed to Avalon Hill).
Tactics (タクティクス) is a manga series collaborated between Sakura Kinoshita and Kazuko Higashiyama. It is serialized and currently running in Comic Blade Masamune. Sakura Kinoshita supplied the character "Kantarou," and Kazuko Higashiyama supplied the character "Haruka."
The aspect of moving pieces that involves piece safety and checkmating. The advanced form is considered “combinations” of tactical motifs, such as pins, forks, removal of the guard, etc.
Tactics is a band that formed in the late 1970's in Canberra, Australia. After the chart demise of The Great Gusto in 1989, the band's last album, Dave Studdert left Tactics and moved to London, forming a new band, Dave Studdert's Mumbo Jumbo.
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A mini- plan or method micro focused on action step [D01982] TML 222
Actions that encompass a retailer's daily and short-term operations.
A description of 'when' and 'why' some action, or reaction, is occurring.
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The use of weapons and men on the battlefield.
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a bit of a joke
Organizational concept, on an individual, group and team basis, of player roles within the team structure.
Different types of moves or situations that arise where you can gain material or positional advantage at the expense of your opponent.
The choice and application of technique in a specific situation.
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What a clock sounds like when it needs fixing.
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Hence, any system or method of procedure.