Definitions for "Obstacle"
That which stands in the way, or opposes; anything that hinders progress; a hindrance; an obstruction, physical or moral.
All fixed (whether temporary or permanent) and mobile objects, or parts thereof, that are located on an area intended for the surface movement of aircraft or that extend above a defined surface intended to protect aircraft in flight. abbreviation: OBST also called: obstruction Fr: obstacle
Obstruction or hindrance that interrupts dog's scenting. May be natural or man-made and dog and/or handler may have to go around, over or through it. (Ganz & Boyd)
That which interferes with the character's achievement of his/her goal.
A dramatic hurdle the protagonist must confront in order to accomplish his mission.
an internal or external circumstance which blocks a character from easily achieving his/her goals
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Any barrier-natural or artificial-that stops or impedes the movement of a unit.
Any feature of the course that may impede a player's stance or kicking motion.
Any feature of the course that may impede any aspect of play.
a steppingstone to success," says Alan Gunsbury of Brainerd, Minn
an impediment you can foresee (and manage), like an upcoming deadline or exam
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noun: the person or people in a group whom the pickup artist does not desire, but whom he must win over in order to run game on the woman in the group he does desire. Origin: Mystery.
a problem when it is preventing you from getting something you want
something which stands in the way of one's progress, that delays or retards progress.
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a specific kind of threshold
a plot element used to manipulate the characters away from one of their options for furthering the story
The volume of data is a major obstacle to high-speed transmission.