Definitions for "Stance"
A station; a position; a site.
The position of a player's feet, relative to each other and to the ball, when he is making a stroke or at bat.
the mental attitude, position, or approach a person adopts in respect to something.
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a lacto-ovo vegetarian
Keywords:  stanza
A stanza.
Keywords:  viewpoint, belief
a viewpoint, or a belief
Keywords:  richard, cited, report
a report cited by Richard C
Keywords:  tai, chi, loose, fixed
a fixed and tai chi is too loose to be fixed
Keywords:  belay, route, constructed
A constructed belay while on a route.
Keywords:  posture, stands, player, play, shot
The way a player stands when preparing to play.
standing posture
A word used to describe how a player stands as they get down to play a shot.
Keywords:  jacket, chest, hits, button, highest
where the highest button on a jacket hits the chest. Stances can be high or low.
Keywords:  rear, distance, binding, front
Distance between front and rear binding
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a particular