Definitions for "Footwork"
Keywords:  boxer, dance, feet, wider, heel
The act of moving the feet in coordination with the body to a position to hit the ball in an efficient manner.
The use of the five positions of the feet in dancing
Moving the feet to keep the body in position to hit the best possible stroke.
Keywords:  tiempo, suelo, ejemplos, momento, espec
The part of the foot in contact with the floor at a specific point in time. Examples: Ball, Heel, Inside Edge of Whole Foot. Parte del pié en contacto con el suelo en un momento específico en el tiempo. Ejemplos: Bola, Talón, Lado interior de Todo el Pié.
A series of steps across the ice in straight, circular or serpentine movements to demonstrate skater's precision and agility.
skillful maneuvering or dealing; "she needs some fancy footwork to cover all those lies"
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How a person moves to make a shot.
Connecting moves consisting of steps, turns, hops, and half jumps.
Keywords:  stroke, get, movement, player, position
Refers to a player's movement to get into position for the next stroke.