Definitions for "Viewpoint"
Perspective through which a story is told, usually associated with that of the protagonist.
6,7,8,9,10,11,12 The stance or vantage point from which a story is narrated.
A viewpoint represents an encapsulation of partial information about a system's requirements from a particular perspective. The categories of Viewpoint are Interactor, Stakeholder, and Domain. Viewpoints are intermediate-level techniques during the Requirements Elicitation phase.
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a quarterly publication of the Oceanside Museum of Art BOARD OF TRUSTEES Sandra Kempter, President Beate Russe, Vice President Paul Dooley, Vice President Irv Simpson, Secretary Bob Pickrel, Treasurer Thomas Nunan, Past President Charles Adams, Sr
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Viewpoint is an arcade game isometric shooter, designed by Sammy and released in 1992 by SNK for the Neo-Geo arcade platform. By default, 1P and 2P can only play one after another; in the Service Mode though, simultaneous gameplay can be enabled.
a tendency to either ignore or excuse atrocities committed by Palestinians
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An ODP concept that provides the means to master the complexity of Distributed Applications by reducing the scope to a specified level of detail. A Viewpoint takes into account details that are not considered in other viewpoints.There are five viewpoints currently defined in the draft ODP standards called the enterprise, information, computational, engineering,and technology Viewpoint. source: ODP - PIR2.3 domain: Development Environment usage: EU-P103
an important concept to understand in personal relationships
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an exact position from which a VRML world is seen, which has been defined in the world's scene graph
The origin of either the eye- or the clip-coordinate system, depending on context. (For example, when discussing lighting, the viewpoint is the origin of the eye-coordinate system. When discussing projection, the viewpoint is the origin of the clip-coordinate system.) With a typical projection matrix, the eye-coordinate and clip-coordinate origins are at the same location.
The location of the user's eye when viewing 3D graphs. It can be changed by pressing the arrows on the graphics panel.
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ASL Browser
The position from which the camera and photographer view the subject.
a mental position from which things are viewed; "we should consider this problem from the viewpoint of the Russians"; "teaching history gave him a special point of view toward current events"
The point or stance from which you view your subject through the camera.
A specification of the conventions for constructing and using a view. A metaview acts as a pattern or template of the view, from which to develop individual views. A metaview establishes the purposes and audience for a view, the ways in which the view is documented (e.g., for visual modeling), and the ways in which it is used (e.g., for analysis).
3D models, textures, services and software
a place from which perception and awareness occurs and is accompanied by a set of assumptions or beliefs adopted either knowingly or not
a loosely coupled, locally managed, self-contained object
a compositional device used in depicting space and objects in space (e.g., high and low viewpoints, side-on views, close-ups, distant viewpoints)
a technique for focusing individually on particular concerns in a system
a way of looking at the entire system from different positions and determining the concerns based on those positions
an on-line newsletter for Boston-IA members and visitors providing
A computer based software programme that seeks to obtain the views of children about aspects of their lives. This has included specific programmes for looked after children.