Definitions for "Storyboard "
Storyboard is a simple 3D graphic editor where the user manipulates points and spans triangles between them.
A highly visual format used for both documenting and communicating the highlights of a team's work that uses a descriptive series of pictures and graphs accompanied by text.
A visual outline of the narrative of a video production.
Keywords:  pictorial, comic, arrows, dream, film
a method used to plan out a movie in comic book form
a multiple paneled pictorial demonstration of the film, something like a comic book
a way to achieve a goal or dream and the filming of it, makes it a reality
a linear flow chart that outlines the story and allows room for adding details
an outline, generally illustrated, that is used in the planning of a television show, movie, commercial, or play
a plan that shows the consecutive steps you need to take to achieve your goal
Storyboard is a web-application that allows for the viewing and submittance of fiction and non-fiction content, which can be commented upon by any other person. It is built on the J2EE platform.
Keywords:  apt, metaphor, sense, history, life
an apt metaphor for how we make sense of our own life history
a simple method of mocking up the animation and making organizational decisions using static frames
a way to put together animation and music in M
a packet of information that conveys all the necessary components of one screen of interactive courseware
Keywords:  tool, crew, artwork, solution, map
a great tool that gives you full control over your artwork
a necessary production tool, especially when a crew is involved
a tool that we use to map out and organise the flow of the instructional content before actually developing an e-learning solution
Related to product development, storyboards are grouped rendering or images of products or concepts used to demonstrate an approach or philosophy. The "board" typically refers to foam-core.
an expression of everything that will be contained in the