Definitions for "Flowchart"
A graphical representation of the steps in a process. Flowcharts are drawn to better understand processes. The flowchart is one of the "seven tools of quality."
graphical representations of system and software designs expressing processing movement ("flow"). Flowcharts are used as a planning tool in a manner similar to the way architects use perspective drawings or blueprints, and the way process engineers use flow diagrams to describe processes.
Graphic representation of a procedure or program..
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a tool that helps you plan the flow of information in your CBT/WBT
A tool that can be used during the Web design process to illustrate how the pages in a Web site relate to one another.
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a method for documenting and understanding the flow of a system and for identifying its control points
A visual aid in understanding the organization of information's "flow." It is usually made up of boxes connected by lines, where each box represents a Web page or "chunk" of information.
a succinct method to document the flow of transactions and key control points
a good format for documenting process flow
a good way to document procedures, analyze processes, and indicate work or information flow
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a meta scheme which represents areas, not necessarily specific pages of the site
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A flowchart application Office
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an effective way of presenting the plan
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